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HHMC Updates and Reminders:


Dear Members,


Quick Notes:


  • June 22 – Wednesday Nighter – Flag, NET only
  • June 26 – Sunrise Scotch, 6:00AM Shotgun
  • June 30 – Hyland Mist Signups Due! Note earlier Signup date
  • July 14 – Signups due for the July 20 Wednesday Nighter
  • July 16/17 – *Hyland Mist – 8:00am Shotgun start
  • July 20 – Wednesday Nighter, Kick Throw and Roll
  • July 21 – Medal Play Signups due, 5:00PM
  • July 30, 31, and August 6 – *Medal Play
  • August 11 – MidAm/Senior/Super Senior signups due
  • August 20/21 – MidAm <50, Senior 50-64, Super Senior 65+
  • August 18 – Signups due for the August 28 2 Man Shamble, 8:00Shotgun start

*denotes one of the HHMC Major Tournaments





Grab your partner and sign up by June 30 for the 43rd Annual Gordon Tully Hyland Mist on July 16 and 17. Green fees and carts are NOT included, except for the shootout. Shootout is included!


The Mist sign up is now open! This is our member/member, member/guest premier tournament. Please look at the attachment for more information or visit our google page or Facebook page. Information in also on our Welcome Page. 


1) Sign up as normal if just paying for yourself.

2) Email Ross, or Joe O'Keefe,  or add a message when you sign up to let us know your partner.

3) If you want to pay for you and your partner then email Ross and he will send you a link to pay/signup.

4) If your partner is a guest we need their GHIN number in an email to us or in a message when you pay/sign up.

5) If you would like a shirt or multiple shirts then email Ross the size(s) and he will send you an invoice for them after the signup deadline passes.


Shirts are $25.00 a piece and are great collector items to wear for club events.


Let's make this a fantastic tournament! 


See flyer below!

2022 43rd Annual Gordon Tully Hyland Mist

Saturday July 16 and Sunday July 17

8:00AM Shotgun Start

Member/Member – Member/Guest

or Member/Assigned Partner for Individual* Sign Ups

Entry fee $200 per team ($100 per person)

To ensure that everybody has the best rates for golf, we are not including green fees in the tournament entry fee, except for the shootout. Many of our members have player cards, annual rates …etc. For guests with no Handicap, you must play as a “0” handicap. Players without passes will need to pay the weekend green fee rates.

*Members CAN register individually and will be assigned a partner.

Registration DUE June 30!

What you’re getting for your entry fee –

Saturday  - All teams are included in the shootout (alternate shot) after the round on Saturday, 1:30PM. 

All players will receive food both days:

Saturday - Each player will get a “grab and go” type of sandwich (TBD) after the round and before the shootout on the Ciancio’s patio at 12:45-1:15. Snacks will be provided after the shootout on Saturday during the Pari-Mutual event.

Sunday – Each player will get a Breakfast Burrito before their 8:00AM Shotgun start and a lunch buffet following the round during the scoring and wrap up of the tournament!

All players may order a logo shirt for $25.00!  (Shirts are NOT included in the entry fee). Shirts must be ordered early to arrive in time. More info about shirt ordering is coming.

Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive prizes! Skins both days! $10.00 Gross or Net, $20.00 both ways, per player, per day, $20 total one way or $ 40 total G&N per team. Must be in as a team!

Free Range balls beginning at 6:45AM both days. Carts must head out to tees at 7:45AM at the latest.

Tournament Format:

Saturday will be partner best ball and Sunday will be aggregate. Shootout will be Saturday approximately 2:00PM starting on the Blue Course. Shootout will be Scotch within flight, gross scores. Tournament competition will be all net within flight. Pari-mutuel betting (horse betting style) will be $10 a bet. The more players we have, the more money in the Pari-mutuel, the more money in the tournament pot, and the more money in the shootout. Let’s make this a great tournament!

For Mist questions please contact Warren Blair at or 303-957-6925



NEW – Maximum Score


The HHMC Board adopted a 'Maximum Score" for most of our tournaments, but not our Majors. This supports Pace of Play. 


Maximum Score is now, 8/9/10. Easy to remember. 8 is the highest score you can take on a par 3, 9 on a par 4, and 10 on a par 5. Pickup and move on! 


NEW – Tees and Handicaps!

NEW Tee Boxes:  Blue/White and Red/White Combo Tees          
Age: Handicap: Tee Box:            
< 60 < 18.6 Blue             
< 60 > 18.5 Blue/White combo             
60 - 69 < 15.1 Blue             
60 - 69 > 15 Blue/White combo             
60-69 > 18.5 White             
70 - 74 < 10 Blue            
70 - 74 > 9.9 < 15 Blue/White combo             
70-74 > 15 White            
75+ All White            
75+ > 14.9 White/Red combo By choice only - MUST let Joe know prior to 1st Tournament  
75+ > 19.9 Red By choice only - MUST let Joe know prior to 1st Tournament  
Rule of 85 Age + Handicap = 85 is no longer in place, use chart above.             


The Board hopes that these 2 changes will help with Pace of Play and competitive fairness for all ages.


We will evaluate these changes as the season progresses. 


Posting Scores

  • Please start posting all of your Colorado Scores beginning March 15!
  • Scores from yearlong posting areas (CA, TX, AZ, FL, etc.) should still be posted after each round.
  • It’s best to post “hole by hole”. The USGA GHIN app will automatically take the correct adjustment on each hole.
  • Please review the handicapping information on our website.
  • ALL players are responsible for posting their non- HHMC tournament scores every time they play. Please be familiar with the following:
    • Post all acceptable scores, including 9-hole rounds
      • Scores are to be posted within the same day of the round being played.
      • Where applicable, proper adjustments must be applied to all scores for posting purposes, including net double bogey and most likely score. The player is responsible for knowing how these adjustments work.
      • Each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played.

The Tournament Committee posts ALL Tournament Scores, including the Rudden. We will inform Match Play players about posting.  Do NOT post ANY HHMC Tournament scores unless requested by the committee.


Best Practices: 

World Handicap System: Effective January 5, 2020, the USGA implemented the World Handicap System:

  • Players are able to establish a Handicap Index after as little as three scores
  • Player’s Handicap Index is calculated using the best 8 out of their 20 most recently recorded scores
  • The Course Rating and Slope Rating will be fundamental within the Handicap Index calculation
  • The maximum hole score for handicap purposes is a Double Bogey + any handicap strokes on that hole. i.e. a 12 handicap would post a double bogey + 1 max score on the top 12 handicap holes and a double bogey on the rest.
  • Handicap Index will update the day after a score is posted to the player’s scoring record, providing players with a responsive measure of their ability
  • A Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) identifies and accounts for abnormal course or weather conditions
  • Safeguards limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index and reduce a Handicap Index when an exceptional score is submitted 


Tournament PlayHHMC sets all tournament tee times. Members need to call the Pro Shop AFTER we post the tee sheets Wednesday mornings. You MUST pay at least 24-hours in advance. Annuals and Player Passes are accepted over the phone.

* Shotgun starts will be allowed IF we pay in advance!


NO SHOWS – Please send a text to Joe (303-548-9609) or Warren (303-957-6925) with a valid excuse (emergency type stuff) if you cannot play in a tournament at the last moment. Please add them to your contacts. If you do not show up for a tournament without sending a text, with a valid reason, you will NOT receive a refund of your entry fee AND you will need to pay $20.00 to enter your next tournament. No shows have a very negative impact on the tournament, especially if it's a team event. 


Wednesday NightersWith the increase popularity of these tournaments we need to cap registrations to 40 due to daylight hours. Assigned foursomes go at their assigned times. You MUST register online the Thursday prior and call-in to pay! Food will be served after on the patio. Carts are on an “as available” basis and not guaranteed. One person should act as the designated scorer using their foursome's GGID code and enter the gross scores for your group. Any complaints will ensure you go last in every tournament!


Tournament Schedule

The 2022 Tournament Schedule is on our website!


Marshalling for tournaments - If you volunteer to be a marshal you will receive one free tournament entry fee. Please email or text Warren if you'd like to marshal for an upcoming tournament. or  303-957-6925



  • Venmo! HHMC is using the Venmo app for skins payments (pay for skins and get paid for wins).
  • Please send Warren a friend request on Venmo for future skins payments (to pay and get paid) @Warren-Blair
  • Venmo is a secure, online, payment transaction app with no transaction fees.
  • @Warren-Blair is a separate account used to track all payments (reviewed by the Board for accuracy). Members can pay via Venmo for friends, other players, or during team events. Just enter who you're paying for (tourney, Gross/Net, or both). Members paying for others are responsible for collecting from the member(s) they paid for.
  • Please download the app, use it, and enjoy the ease of paying for things. Ask your kids, they use it every day.


Tournament Scoring/Scorecards: Golf Genius automatically scores you when you enter your GROSS score by hole.

  • Golf Genius scoring Only: One player in each foursome MUST enter the scores in Golf Genius for all players. At the end of the round, all players must verbally state their score is correct on each hole of the "e-card" before submitting. Players may be disqualified if they don't accurately review their e-card verbally with the person submitting the Golf Genius group score.


Pace of Play Guidelines: All groups must keep up with the group in front of them and be ready to hit when fairway or green clears. Any group one hole, or more, behind the group in front will receive a warning to pull into position within two holes. Play FAST! Any group that has not moved into noticeably better position (less than one hole behind) within 2 holes will receive a 2-stroke penalty for each player in the group.

  • All members must be ready to help with the pin if players want it in or out. Players may continue to finish putting out if they so decide and it would not interfere with another player’s line (except Match Play unless both players agree). This helps with Pace of Play!
  • The 3-minute clock for searching for golf balls starts at the time players are near the vicinity of where they believe their ball landed.
  • Each player should make their stroke within 40 seconds of reaching their ball. This includes surveying the shot, lining up, practice shots and all “waggles”. HIT the Ball!
  • Each player in your group is responsible for keeping their group in position!
  • Balls in penalty areas should not be retrieved if group is not in position. Take your drop and play!
  • Any disrespect towards the Board Member or Marshall when being asked to close the gap or being assessed the 2-stroke penalty or, at any other time, will result in an automatic individual or team disqualification from the tournament and could also face expulsion from the club for violating the bylaws. Board and General Members (or others TBD) may be on the course as Pace of Play Marshalls for any and all tournaments and must be treated respectfully.


Season-Long Best Ball

  • $10 gross, $10 net, or $20 gross/net. Pay online. The more tournaments you play, the better you can do. Sign-up any time during the season, but signing-up earlier increases your chances of a better overall season score!
  • We'll keep track of your season-long best balls through Golf Genius (tournament play only) throughout the year. Payouts are based on the number of entries and pay-out approximately 30% of the field.
  • The following tournaments are a part of the Season-Long Best Ball:
  • Kickoff; 3-2-1; Rudden; Partner Best Ball; Match Play; Hyland MIST; Medal Play; Mid-Am/Senior/Super-Senior; and Dalton
  • Must enter a score on each hole. If you pick-up, input what you would've most-likely scored (or net-double-bogey). 



New Members:

  • Join Colorado’s best men’s club and play on Colorado’s #1 public golf course! We invite you to click on the following link to read our Hyland Hills Prospective Members Welcome's You to Join Letter (PDF), which tells more about the fun and challenging course we play, our tournament events, and other important facts.
  • If you're interested in joining the friendliest and finest club in Colorado, download and complete the following form: New Member Application (PDF)


Member Renewal: 

  • Renew your membership before March 1st annually.
  • Renewals will be via invoice from Golf Genius, sent by Ross Wasserman. If you need help with your renewal please contact Ross at or Warren Blair at  

    We would like to update our roster. Please email the following to Jon Ardinger,



    Cell Phone:


    Date of Birth (for senior tournaments):

    Year joined (or approximate):

    Emergency Contact, Name/relationship and address/cell of a person in case of an emergency:


Club Information: